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Teachers Teaching Online MOOC

For anyone interested in teaching online, WizIQ is currently offering an excellent MOOC called Teachers Teaching Online (TTO). For me, the timing of this course is perfect: I’m trying to transition from full-time to part-time classroom teaching and to expand into teaching online and writing. You can attend the classes live and contribute to the […]

BC TEAL Conference: Using blogs to teach writing

A theme that emerged from Day One of the BC TEAL conference was the innovation occurring in EAL classrooms to meet the needs of a changing student body and the expectation that teachers will incorporate Web 2.0 tools in the classroom. A great example of this is NorQuest College instructor Bonnie Nicholas’ use of blogging to […] A personal assistant for learning vocabulary online

Many millennia ago when I was studying Spanish and Japanese, I dutifully recorded new words into my vocabulary notebook and dutifully reviewed them. It was a good system, but I’ve recently discovered a tool that works better in the digital age, and should therefore appeal to my students. It’s a free Chrome plug-in called […]