Monthly Archives: June 2014

Teachers Teaching Online MOOC

For anyone interested in teaching online, WizIQ is currently offering an excellent MOOC called Teachers Teaching Online (TTO). For me, the timing of this course is perfect: I’m trying to transition from full-time to part-time classroom teaching and to expand into teaching online and writing. You can attend the classes live and contribute to the […]

Writing a Graded Reader Part 2

One important lesson I’ve learned in these beginning stages of writing a graded reader is don’t start writing! That certainly was counterintuitive to me; after all, I have a brilliant idea 😉 and I’m eager to start tapping away on my keyboard. However, there are a few essential things that need to be done first. Research the Market First, […]

Vocabulary Recycling

Group Writing One of my favourite activities to recycle vocabulary is one that I learned from a student teacher I was mentoring. It involves writing, listening, and peer editing. Level: Intermediate – Advanced Time: 45 minutes Procedure Place students in groups of three. Dictate 10 words they have studied. Hand out ten cards numbered 1 […]