As often as possible, I use topical, authentic materials in my classes. Since I listen to a fairly wide range of podcasts, I often find material for listening lessons (usually advanced level classes). One such gem that I’ve had a lot of success with is the podcast Manners for the Digital Age from […]

My Academic English students have been doing weekly presentations (some have been outstanding!) and at the end of one recent class, we had about ten minutes remaining after the presentations had finished. I asked the students to spend the time reflecting on their performance and then write their own evaluation . I was genuinely impressed […]

Deep down, and not so deep down, many teachers want to be writers. At my school, many of us say that one of the most satisfying parts of our job is writing materials and designing curriculum. Whenever there is an opportunity to develop a new skills course, there is always competition to get selected for the development team. When […]

Many millennia ago when I was studying Spanish and Japanese, I dutifully recorded new words into my vocabulary notebook and dutifully reviewed them. It was a good system, but I’ve recently discovered a tool that works better in the digital age, and should therefore appeal to my students. It’s a free Chrome plug-in called […]